At AML, We Don't Just Sell A Box of Rocks...

We hand-select stones from the riverbeds & beaches of Mother Earth in a variety of colors that hold heat appropriate for massage therapy. They are naturally shaped by the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire. Every stone is lovingly selected and paired, providing stone sets that enable any therapist to provide an amazingly relaxing and healing therapy to their clients.

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Learn EXACTLY what you must do for effective stone massage for free!

  • Learn what color stone will burn you!
  • How to offer real therapy... not just "fluff and buff"
  • How not to get stuck with a "box of rocks"
  • How to incorporate stone into your current practice
  • How to create the perfect treatment plan for each client

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Who We Are...

AML Stone Source was the original supplier of LaStone Therapy.  In 2009 TIR Masage Stone acquired AML Stone Source and continues to provide stones to all LaStone Therapy workshops and students.  TIR Massage Stone provides you many great tools and education.  When you subscribe using the form to the left, you will gain access to a whole library of training videos designed specifically to help you build a solid foundation as a stone therapist.  You will also find educational videos to expand upon what you may already know from school or workshops, enabling you to offer each client a truly therapeutic and healing stone massage.